Drivers lie about lateness reasons

Two thirds of UK motorists have been known to lie about the reasons why they are late for work or social gatherings, a survey has claimed.

Around 66% of drivers make up pretend reasons as to why they are not on time, such as transport delays, used by 45% and car problems, which is a common excuse amongst 42% of motorists, an RAC poll showed.

Motorists are often too embarrassed to admit the reason why they are really late if it is because they got lost on their way. However, this could be avoided if the driver is already familiar with a route.

The RAC has set up a website called My Journey, which enables road users to share their journeys online including the meaning, route, pictures and memories.

Nick Giles, head of marketing for RAC, said: "It's incredible the number of people who are willing to lie about why they're late. We do understand though that factors outside people's control and plans can wreak havoc on their timings. It's a key part of our job to ensure that if people do breakdown that we get them moving as quickly as possible to ensure they get where they need to as soon as they can.

"We always advise people to leave as early as they feasible can on journeys as you never know what may happen along the way."

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