Drivers 'less bothered about image'

Drivers 'less bothered about image'

With petrol prices continuing to restrict finances, drivers are less focused on having a cool-looking car teeming with gadgets, research has shown.

Dealer Carcraft, which quizzed 2,000 motorists for the study, has revealed that value and fuel economy are now the primary concerns for most motorists.

Meanwhile, comfort, image, safety and speed have fallen down the pecking order on the scale of importance.

However, despite a focus on bargains, getting great deals oncar insurance and fuel economy, results show that 45% of customers still make up their minds about a motor within an hour of seeing it for the first time.

Almost a third (31%) of car buyers even make a decision within 30 minutes.

The findings also revealed that car owners tend to get bored of their vehicle and want to trade it after four or five years.

Less than a fifth (13%) keep their cars for six to seven years, while only 3% hang on to a motor longer than seven years.

A Carcraft spokesperson said : "It seems motorists are being more prudent and are choosing thrift over style when it comes to choosing a new car.

"There is a lot to be said for choosing a less flash and perhaps slightly older model of a car - they have proven trustworthiness and comfort and their specifications guarantee safety and reliability."

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