Drivers leaving knickers in cars

Mechanics have revealed some of the items they come across while servicing a car including hedge trimmers, nappies and knickers.

According to a survey by Kia Motors, garage staff have also found hacksaws, rotting sandwiches and 0 teeth among the items left in cars taken in for repairs.

However, the most popular items to be left in the car during a service are glasses, umbrellas and even wallets.

Stoke-on-Trent Kia dealer Ken Jervis said: "I'm continually amazed by the things we find in customers' cars. It's hard to imagine how some of the items get there in the first place and even more difficult to understand how they're forgotten."

He said that 85% of motorists come forward to reclaim their property, but "given the nature of some of the goods, it's not surprising that the remainder stay quiet".

One of the mechanics questioned said he had uncovered a designer wedding dress, complete with veil and stockings, in the boot of one driver's car.

Mr Jervis said the problem comes as many motorists use their car as an extension of their home and a portable storage space.

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