Drivers 'have no car-change plans'

More than half of drivers in the UK have no intention of changing their cars given the current economic situation, a new report has suggested.

Research fromBritish Car Auctions (BCA) shows that across the country, 54% of car owners do not plan to replace the vehicle they currently drive, with the number rising to 64% in East Anglia and falling in London to 38%.

However, of those expecting to change their vehicles, 31% would choose to buy another model for greater economy as a result of rising fuel cost concerns.

Owners reluctant to change their vehicles during the economic slowdown should check that theircar insurance policy covers required costs so that any accidents or crashes as a result of run-down car parts can be accounted for.

Tim Naylor,BCA spokesman, said: "Given the continuing economic pressures, the reticence of motorists to commit to their next vehicle purchase is understandable, but the variance in attitudes of motorists across the regions does show a changing picture of consumer confidence.

"Of course, for many their car is absolutely crucial to their livelihood, for getting to and from work and getting the family around. If their current car becomes uneconomical to run or repair, you can be sure funds will be found from somewhere to replace it."

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