Drivers give backing to dash cameras

Drivers give backing to dash cameras
Most drivers in the UK think that in-car dash cameras would stop "crash for cash" fraudsters and help prevent bogus insurance claims, new data has suggested.

Some 71% of UK motorists think in-car dash cams are the best way to achieve this, according to the research.

The Association of British Insurers said that car insurance fraud is now at an all-time high - reaching £811 million in 2013.

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Much of this figure has been attributed to "crash for cash" cases, where a criminal deliberately causes an accident to make an insurance claim for damage to their car and injury to the occupants.

This type of false claim may be adding £90 per year to the average driver's premium, industry experts say.

In-car dash cams have been proven to reduce this type of crime dramatically, as the camera shows that the criminal's poor driving is to blame for the collision.

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