Drivers getting those early morning flat feelings

1 in 3 RAC call outs are to non-starting vehicles.

With most of the country experiencing sub-zero temperatures overnight this week, many drivers are literally finding their cars frozen to the spot. Nearly a third of call outs attended by the RAC are to vehicles that simply refuse to start, with flat batteries being amongst the most common problem.

Kevin Andrews, RAC Patrol ambassador of the year says; "Many drivers have had that awful feeling this week of turning their ignition over in the morning and being met with a cold silence - it's a horrible start to the day - the strain on the battery is particularly great at this time of year when headlights, wipers, heaters and de-misters are being used on almost every journey. It's worth getting your battery pro-actively tested, particularly if it's more than three years old, before it fails."

RAC has a new Battery Response service - for both members and non-members. We can use our expertise and the latest technology to check your battery and we'll only fit a battery if you need one - visit for full details.

RAC's top battery care tips are;

  1. Switch off lights, wipers, radio and the heater before starting the engine. This prevents any unnecessary drain on the battery during starting
  2. Heaters, heated screens and heated seats put high demands on the vehicles battery so try and avoid using these types of devices any longer than necessary. High use of sat navs, in-car DVD players and iPods can also drain the battery.
  3. Don't leave any interior lights or any accessories such as phone chargers on overnight.
  4. Park your vehicle in a garage whenever possible.
  5. Pro-actively get your battery tested, particularly if its over three years old.