Drivers getting more polite - poll

Drivers getting more polite - poll

UK drivers are getting nicer on the roads, according to a survey.

Over a third of the people polled, 34%, said as they push in queues or cut lanes, they smile at other motorists. Another fifth of people said they choose to use a friendly wave.

Just 3% confessed to getting angry and swearing. Middle-aged drivers between 45 and 54 were revealed to be most guilty of this behaviour. The poll also found drivers over 55 smiled the least of all the age groups and that women were more willing to use such charming techniques than men.

Abreakdown of the Opinion Matters survey of over 2,000 participants, revealed that British drivers are patient. Some 60% of drivers are willing to wait in traffic until it begins to flow whilst a quarter say they would find another route.

Just a few of those polled confessed to cutting queues and lane-jumping.

"It appears drivers are getting less wound up when they're on the road," said Julia Dallimore, from Carcraft.

"They're becoming more patient and courteous, and instead of using their horns, swearing or cutting in front of other drivers they're opting to use a smile or a wave instead. Britain is definitely driving happier."

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