Drivers get three hours of peace

Beleaguered parents have on average three hours and 15 minutes of peace before backseat bickering starts up on family-holiday car journeys, it has been shown.

A survey from found that for 12% of families, this "backseat brawl syndrome" begins less than an hour into a trip.

On average, full-blown rows start breaking out 4.25 days into a driving holiday, although 34% of those polled never argue while away.

The car was the most-convenient form of transport for family holidays for 64% of the 2,062 adults surveyed, with only 5% opting for the train.

Nearly 70% of parents also thought that the car was the least-embarrassing way to travel for family holidays.

Northern Ireland families started backseat brawling the quickest - two hours 38 minutes into car trips on average.

Scots were the least likely to bicker in cars on family trips - lasting an average of four hours 34 minutes before rows break out.

Taking the whole length of car holiday trips, Scots were also the most amenable - with family rows only starting after 5.68 days on average. Whereas, the arguments began for Welsh families after just 3.31 days.

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