Drivers filmed crash site on phones

Drivers filmed crash site on phones

Police officers have spoken of their "shock" after hoards of motorists slowed down to film casualties being treated in the aftermath of a motorway car crash.

Some of those seen using a mobile phone to film the scene while driving past are now to be served notices of intended prosecution after Essex Police obtained their registration numbers.

Police, paramedics and firefighters were called to the scene on the M11 near Loughton after a Vauxhall Zafira and a VW Golf were involved in a collision at about 8.30am on January 27.

Those involved only suffered minor injuries but as the emergency services worked the scene motorists on both carriageways were seen slowing down to see the damaged cars and watch the injured being treated.

PC Paul Marks said common sense dictates that it is dangerous to slow down to a crawl on the motorway while other vehicles approaching from behind are travelling at high speed.

But he said that was "sadly" not the case for a number of drivers who were more interested in "capturing us at work on their mobiles" than road safety.

PC Marks added: "We were amazed to see people filming the scene on their mobiles while still driving."

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