Drivers 'fear to conduct DIY tasks'

Economic hardship is forcing motorists to service their own car, but some drivers said they do not feel confident in their ability to do this, according to a study.

Many motorists depend on DIY servicing in an effort to cut costs during the tough economic climate.

But the report by STP - the engine care and fuel additives specialist - highlighted that some car owners fail to carry out their own servicing at home due to a lack of knowledge of routine maintenance.

An increase in the sophistication of new cars has also affected motorists' confidence in their ability to conduct DIY tasks.

As a result of motorists aiming to save money, many cars are even missing out on services altogether, the survey added.

Veronica Fung, brand manager of STP, said: "The younger generation of motorists don't tend to subscribe to a preventative culture.

"There's also a lack of knowledge on how to conduct simple maintenance procedures amongst the same group which can impede their engagement in DIY."

Matthew Minter, from Haynes, said car owners consider typical fuel-injected engines to be too complex to touch.

STP has suggested adding fuel injector cleaner or diesel injector cleaner to a tankful of fuel every 3,000 miles.

The regular usage of fuel additives would aid starting, smoother running and offers better engine efficiency, boosting fuel economy.

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