Drivers fear of theory test retake

Taking your driving theory test is a nerve-racking experience and one in three people don't think they could pass it again if they had to take it today, according to a Haynes Publishing survey.

The study found that, along with driving theory concerns, one in five drivers don't know how to carry out basic car checks such as those for oil level, battery and brake fluid. And almost 7% say they know nothing at all about car maintenance.

Of the respondents Haynes found that over 55s are the most confident when it comes to maintaining a car, with 60% of this age group confirming they know how to check the oil, battery and brake fluid.

The findings support evidence which suggests people cram the Highway Code before sitting their theory test then forget all the information shortly after. Haynes is now publishing a new version of the Highway Code for Drivers, costing £2.50 and including an extra section on basic car maintenance.

The new guide also includes practical advice on MOTs, tax and services and how to choose thecar insurance andbreakdown cover that's right for you.

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