Drivers fear fuel rises over crime

A major new poll has revealed drivers are more concerned about soaring fuel prices than the threat of a crumbling economy, knife crime or even terrorism.

The survey by satnav company TomTom showed a total of 66% of people had concerns about petrol prices while just 64% had fears about the nation's economy coming crashing down.

Knife crime worried 49%, terrorism fears affected 37% while job security and plummeting house prices made around a third of those anxious.

Petrol pump prices were such a major concern that 11% of those involved in the study said they had considered emigrating to get cheaper fuel.

Researchers also discovered 31% were travelling less at weekends, 44% think petrol prices are ending the "golden years" of British driving culture, 71% feel they get a poorer deal on petrol than other Europeans and 37% believe independent road travel will soon only be affordable for the rich.

The RAC's Motoring Strategist Adrian Tink commented: "This story just goes to show how important fuel prices are to motorists. To say that they are more worried about this than terrorism, knife crime and the economy is evidence of the impact high pump prices has on the average motorist. We hope that all those that influence the price of fuel, from the Government to oil companies, take note and keep prices down."

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