Drivers fail to identify road signs

Research has indicated that many motorists find it difficult to recognise basic road signs and follow instructions while behind the wheel.

According to the survey of 2,000 motorists by Kia Motors UK, as many as 83% of people consider themselves to be good drivers, however, only 52% claim to understand all the signs on UK roads.

Lack of understanding of road signs may result in accidents, thereby adversely affecting the car insurance policy.

Fewer than three in five can correctly identify the sign for "no motor vehicles", while 21% think it means "motor vehicles only", the survey showed.

Over half (52%) understand the sign for a clearway, with 20% guessing it means "no entry". Meanwhile, about 31% think the sign indicating the end of a dual carriageway means that the road narrows on both sides.

Also, some 26% think a yellow diversion sign shows directions to a campsite, while 30% said it means there is a hazard ahead.

The study also highlighted that only 61% of motorists find road signs useful, with 78% thinking they are being bombarded with too many signs. Only a quarter of those polled said they keep a road atlas in the car.

Kia Motors UK communications director Steve Kitson said: "The research findings clearly show that a driver's experience behind the wheel doesn't necessarily correlate with their knowledge of the road."