Drivers fail to heed safety advice

Speed warnings on motorways during bad weather conditions are ignored by a worrying 29% of UK motorists, a report suggests.

The Autoglass poll reveals that almost half (46%) of drivers ignore 'only drive when essential' warnings, while 7% ignore driving warnings altogether.

Work commitments and 'needing to be elsewhere' are the main reasons for ignoring warnings given by the majority (59%) of drivers, and a third of those asked said road conditions never seem serious enough to make them change their travel plans.

With regards fellow drivers, only 11% of motorists said they would bother to stop for a stranded person in bad weather conditions.

Managing director at Autoglass, Matthew Mycock, said: "Drivers should take their time when embarking on a journey in bad weather, both in planning their route and factoring in delays so as to not put their lives and those of other road users at risk."

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