Drivers face Forth Bridge delays

Drivers are set to face longer delays and disruption than planned on the Forth Road Bridge while additional work is done to keep it safe and open to traffic.

It is due to be carried out in two phases of 10 weeks in autumn next year and spring 2010. To minimise disruption, "mini-bridges" on the surface of the bridge are planned to lift traffic over the work area.

Replacement of the bridge's main expansion joints was initially estimated at less than £9 million, but a quote has reportedly put the total at nearer £13.7 million.

Savings or reallocation of funding will be needed before the contract can be awarded. The report recommends further discussions with the government over funding.

Another report has revealed that a dehumidification project to fight corrosion in the bridge's main suspension cables has made progress, despite delays caused by poor weather over the summer.

The work was originally due to be finished by October next year, but the rainy summer has hindered progress. Bridge bosses are now looking into ways of making up the lost time.

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