Driver's encounter with black bear

A driver has revealed details of a bizarre encounter she had in a safari park with an American black bear which presented her with a hubcap it had taken from another car.

Azra Noonari, 39, was on a visit to Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire when she was approached by the animal bearing the gift.

Mrs Noonari described the incident, which happened last month when she took her six-year-old daughter and two-year-old son on a day trip to the park.

"I was driving us to the bear and wolf area when I saw a car stopped right in front of me," she said. "There was a bear in front of it, so I stopped too and started taking pictures.

"I saw it take a hubcap off the car then start walking towards us. I locked all the doors quickly... it put the hubcap down and then banged on the window, as if it was trying to get my attention."

Mrs Noonari, from Luton, said the incident happened just weeks after all four of her own hubcaps were taken.

"Maybe the bear thought I needed the hubcap," she added. "In a funny way I thought 'oh no, maybe even animals are starting to take hubcaps as well as people'."

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