Drivers double take at double yellows

Drivers double take at double yellows

Double yellow lines on a Gloucester street appear to be fading into thin air.

The optical illusion has sent many motorists double-taking after setting their journey planner to Frampton Road.

The Linden area mystery seems to be easily explained, however. Road-tarmacking labourers might have omitted to repaint the whole double yellow lines. They appear to have just re-touched the areas they had mended, while the road's old fading double yellow remain untouched.

One local was moved enough to publish a photograph of the re-painted lines on a popular social networking site. His Facebook post called the repainting a "solid performance", not without a degree of irony, one suspects.

Gloucestershire County Council's officials have promised a road inspection and to get the lines repainted once it finds out whether a utility firm or its own contractor undertook the work.

This is not the first time the area has hit the headlines with its road markings. Only last year workers misspelt "bus" "bup" to give Bristol's Old Market residents a "Bup Stop" sign in huge yellow letters.

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