Drivers ditch cars 'due to costs'

A total of 30% of motorists have ditched their vehicle over the past year as a result of surging costs of maintaining a car, a survey has revealed.

The majority of drivers who have abandoned their vehicle revealed that spiralling costs of fuel and car insurance forced them to find alternative means of transport, according to car rental firm Sixt.

Car ownership rates sharply dipped in London, Aberdeen, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

These cities have collectively seen a dip of an average 48%, according to the survey.

Taking into account the costs of tax, insurance, fuel, parking permits/ congestion charges, and general maintenance, motorists who ditched their vehicles saved £1,789 a year on average, the study found.

The vast majority of former car owners (86%), mostly from Bristol, Belfast and Liverpool, told the survey that they never missed owning a car.

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