Drivers damage company reputations

A major report on British motoring habits has found that company reputations could be at risk due to a significant rise in aggressive driving.

The RAC's 20th annual Report on Motoring revealed that company car drivers identified road rage as one of the biggest changes in motoring over the last 20 years, along with the cost of motoring, congestion and speed cameras.

More than one in three of those polled said they had been a victim of driving behaviour that has left them feeling physically threatened. Yet over half (55%) admit to shouting, swearing and making rude gestures at other motorists themselves.

The RAC is now calling for better training to ensure that employees know how to drive responsibly and respectfully, and to avoid their behaviour damaging their company's reputation.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist, said: "As numbers of cars and drivers on our roads increase, so will the motoring frustrations that lead to aggressive driver behaviour - unless we all make a conscious effort to respect our fellow road users.

"With better training for fleet drivers, this may make employees driving on business think twice about the effect their own behaviour has on their company, as well as others, while having the knock-on effect of making their own experience more pleasurable."

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