Drivers cutting car use on costs

Around two-thirds of motorists have said they are reducing the amount of time they spend in their car because of the high cost of petrol, a survey by AA/Populus has said.

During Easter the average price of car fuel was 119.46p a litre, just below an all-time high of 119.7p.

Motorists in Southampton are paying an average 120.3p a litre and motorists in Guildford can expect to fork out 120.1p a litre, according to the survey.

A total of 17,480 drivers were questioned, 67% of whom said they were reducing their car use, other expenditure or both - in November last year this rate was 61% and the previous November was 66%.

RAC's Adrian Tink said: "It's now when, not if, petrol prices hit record levels. The latest fuel duty rise has put us on the edge of the record and the ominous rise in oil prices over the last few days will definitely push prices over it. This is a dark time for motorists, with the worst affected virtually paying £6-a-gallon for fuel. These rises are indiscriminate in who they hurt, from families to businesses to consumers - these rises hit us all."

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