Drivers crackering up over parking

Drivers on a seasonal short fuse are crackering up over parking spaces in the run up to Christmas, according to National Car Parks (NCP).

The cathedral city of York is reckoned to be the worst for un-Christian behaviour when it comes to the ruthless search for somewhere to leave the car.

And nationally, half of those polled said people will stop at nothing to get the perfect space, while a third have had someone 'steal' their chosen spot.

The survey also showed that half always park nose first, and a fifth get 'stage fright' and can't park at all if there is a queue behind them for fear of messing it up.

Meanwhile, many admit to driving the wrong way up a one-way street to get a space, a third try to park in the same space every day - and a fifth have driven off with something left on their car's roof.

NCP chief executive Andrew Potter said: "As a nation we are stereotypically fixated by etiquette, yet it's revealing that so many of us forget basic manners when in a car park.

"Christmas can be a frantic time but a well timed 'thank you' can go a long way in making their parking experience more pleasant."

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