Drivers could pay up to £326 in road tolls watching England

Drivers could pay up to £326 in road tolls watching England
British football fans travelling to France this summer will be hoping their support helps drive their team all the way to the final in Paris.

Such success, though, would come at a price for those planning to follow their team around France by car, new research shows.

Post Office Travel Money warns that following a team in the tournament’s group stages and all the way through the knock-out rounds could cost motorists hundreds of pounds in toll charges.

Should Roy Hodgson’s England team reach the final, the study says fans who drive to all seven matches via the quickest routes could pay up to £326 in road tolls.

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More than 3,900 miles would be clocked up by the time fans got to Paris for the final on July 10, costing drivers a further £479 for petrol or £411 for diesel.  

Northern Ireland fans, meanwhile, travelling from Calais to Nice for their team’s opening match against Poland on Sunday could rack up toll charges of £82.

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England kick off their campaign against Russia in Marseille on Saturday before facing Wales in Lens and Slovakia in St Etienne.

Fans following Wales will be travelling to Bordeaux, Lens and Toulouse with Northern Ireland having group stage matches in Nice, Paris and Lyon.

The Republic of Ireland, meanwhile, play at St Denis in Paris, Bordeaux and Lille.

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Knockout games will be played at venues throughout France depending on where a team finishes in its group.

Should Wales or Northern Ireland cause a massive upset and reach the final, fans following them by road are likely to incur even more toll charges than their English rivals.

The road to Paris would see Welsh supporters clocking up more than 4,100 miles with those following Northern Ireland driving more than 4,000.

Fans can avoid the toll charges, Post Office Travel Money says, by using alternative trunk roads although that would further increase their mileage and fuel costs.

But even taking the toll charges into account, it adds that following a team around France by road will still work out much cheaper than travelling by air.

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