Drivers confused at traffic lights

A survey by a car insurance company has found that drivers are confused over traffic light sequences.

Out of the 1,000 motorists polled, just 4% truly understand the traffic light sequence. And 1% even think the red light means they should be prepared to go.

Only 30% correctly identified one of the four traffic light signals. And 10% correctly answered that when red and amber were shown together drivers should not pass through or start moving until the green signal.

Welsh drivers were the best for knowing what each sequence meant, with drivers in Yorkshire the worst. More than three in five said they had gone through a red light, with Londoners the worst offenders.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure, said: "The fact that millions of UK motorists are unable to correctly identify the basic traffic light signals they encounter on a daily basis is a huge cause for concern."

The survey also showed that 77% of motorists had accelerated when approaching green lights.

Mr Pickard added: "It's also worrying that so many admit to speeding up at lights to try to avoid having to wait, or even jump a red deliberately, as this can put other road-users and pedestrians at risk."

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