Drivers' compulsive habits revealed

Drivers' compulsive habits revealed

Humans are creatures of habit - or at least half of them are it seems following a new survey into driving customs

Around 50% of us only park in certain 'lucky spots' or adjust the mirror each time we get in the car or even hold our breath when going over bridges or through tunnels.

The survey by NCP, the car park operator, also suggested that around a third of us go back and check that we have locked our car despite the fact that it may require going back to the vehicle. Drivers who must return to check a locked car will be reassured even more by comprehensivecar insurance .

Alarmingly one in twelve people will follow a route knowing it is longest way of getting somewhere while one in ten admit they talk to traffic lights in the hope of encouraging them to change.

The talking does not stop there one in twelve admit to thanking their car after a long journey and for getting them there in one piece.

To 25% of us the colour of the car is very important when it comes to luck. Green and red cars are seen to be the unluckiest and silver the colour that is laden with it.

Happiness can even be brought about by a bird relieving itself on the windscreen for some drivers.

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