Drivers braced for heavy snowfall

Drivers braced for heavy snowfall

British motorists have been urged to be on their guard as another blast of wintry weather prepares to deposit heavy snow on several major routes around the UK.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings in Scotland and northern parts of England for Wednesday 13 February, although better weather is expected later in the week.

Heavy snow showers could dump up to 6ins (15cms) in the Scottish Highlands as low pressure sweeps in from the west and collides with cold air from the east.

Drivers in Scotland and northern England are expected to be the worst hit, with icy conditions set for several roads in northern parts of the UK.

Sally Webb, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said the snow will begin to clear and turn to rain and drizzle later in the day.

"We will see up to 2cm (1in) across the South East throughout the day, 2cm to 5cm (1in to 2in) quite widely, and over higher ground and in the North up to 8cm (3in), or 10cm (4in) across higher ground.

"In Scotland there will be 4cm to 7cm (2in to 3in) widely, and 15cm (6in) expected on higher ground."

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