Drivers 'baffled by Highway Code'

A motoring survey has found that millions of drivers do not know The Highway Code and are consequently putting their lives at risk on the roads.

In Goodyear's Test the Nation survey, one in six drivers said they had ignored road signs when they did not understand their meaning. Even more worryingly, 44% of drivers could not correctly identify that red and amber traffic lights shown together meant stop. Most of these drivers thought that the dual lights meant "proceed with caution".

Regarding speed limits, more than a quarter were not aware of the 30mph speed limit in built up areas, and almost three in 10 would not stop if a pedestrian was at a zebra crossing.

The number of accidents on the road was high, with more than a quarter having been involved in a motor vehicle accident since acquiring their licence.

Given that the results showed a low understanding of The Highway Code, it was surprising to learn that of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, almost half rated their knowledge of the code as "good" or "very good". Almost one-third of all drivers have also failed their theory test at least once.

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