Drivers back away from reversing

Four of the most useful - and difficult - driving manoeuvres are never even attempted by many of us once we have passed our tests.

We are thus complete strangers to three-point turns, parallel parking, backing into a parking spot and reversing round a corner.

According to a survey by Continental Tyres, one in ten of the 2,000 motorists polled have never even tried a three-point turn since passing their test.

Meanwhile, a quarter have never attempted to reverse around a corner, 15% are yet to parallel park and more than one in ten (13%) have also never attempted to reverse into a parking space.

Even veteran drivers admitted to years of getting away without it - 15% of the over 55s said that they have never reverse parked, 22% had never reversed around a corner and 12% had never completed a turn in the road.

At least one of them is required in a driving test. But said Continental product manager Peter Robb: "Mastering the four driving manoeuvres is clearly an important part of learning to drive, but seems to be the thing that most of us want to forget.

"It's interesting that no matter our gender or age, these driving manoeuvres are avoided by all."

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