Drivers are inviting breakdowns

More than six million drivers don't perform basic maintenance checks on their cars before leaving on long journeys, leaving them exposed to breakdowns this Christmas, according to new research.

A study by Castrol, which coincides with its "Right Oil for Your Car" campaign to help drivers ensure they are caring for cars correctly, revealed one in five people failed to check their oil and water, while 15% didn't think to check tyre pressures.

Almost a third of people in the UK will be travelling to and from family and friends over Christmas, meaning basic checks are vital to ensure they do not get caught short in the festive period.

Motoring expert Quentin Willson said he was "shocked" that so few people run basic checks before a long journey.

He said: "As well as being potentially very expensive, breaking down can risk ruining the entire trip, not to mention clogging roads already busy with Christmas holiday traffic.

"My advice is to do the basic checks before you leave home and reduce the chance of spending more having your car repaired than you did on your Christmas presents!"

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