Drivers are 'happier in clean cars'

Drivers are 'happier in clean cars'

Three out of four motorists are happier when at the wheel of freshly-cleaned car, a new poll has discovered.

Very few drivers hate to have their cars cleaned and 74% say they are far more content if their vehicles have a shine, the survey by IMO found.

The figures show all but 15% of young drivers admit they are more cheerful in spotless cars while 80% of Scottish motorists always like their rides to look their best, more than those in any other region of the UK.

You may think it would be wealthier people more likely to have their cars cleaned, with more cash available for car washing and valeting, but the survey actually suggests their cars tend to be the dirtiest.

Dr Sandra Wheatley, a psychologist, claims this may be because people's choice of car is often something of an indicator of their place in society and those who look after their vehicles well are seen as more organised and reliable.

She said younger people and those who are less wealthy tend to keep their cars cleaner, to suggest they have a lot to offer employers.

Meanwhile richer people and those who have stopped working don't give the same impression as much and don't feel the need to keep their cars as clean.

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