Drivers advised about bad weather

Drivers are being warned about rising levels of car insurance claims as motorists get caught short in torrential downpours.

A study by high street insurance firm Swinton showed an 18% rise in car insurance claims compared with July 2007 - a figure mainly attributed to the impact of bad weather on British roads.

Swinton spokesman Steve Chelton warns: "A driver's level of risk is dramatically increased when roads are wet and it is raining heavily. It is important that drivers remain alert and take extra precautions in order to make their journey as safe as possible.

"It is very easy to misjudge stopping distances in wet weather, and this factor is responsible for low speed shunts in traffic jams and on slower speed limit roads."

Reduced visibility and aquaplaning are two further causes of accidents in wet weather.

Steve Chelton explains: "Aquaplaning is particularly dangerous because the driver loses total control of their vehicle, putting themselves and other road users at risk. It only takes a thin film of water to cause a car to aquaplane, and could potentially lead to a serious accident."

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