Drivers admit splashing pedestrians

A new survey by the webuyanycar company has found that many mischievous motorists think it is funny to drive through puddles in the road and deliberately splash pedestrians.

Nearly two-fifths of the 2,000 motorists polled said they have laughed at someone soaked at the roadside, while 16% admitted to having deliberately drenched a pedestrian.

Just over a quarter said they have accidentally splashed a pedestrian, the survey found.

More than half (55%) said they make sure that they do not splash someone by taking care to avoid puddles.

Over a tenth (12%) of motorists who splashed someone said they had stopped to say sorry.

However, 17% said they did nothing, while 16% admitted to having simply laughed.

Splashing pedestrians is illegal, although only 44% of motorists are aware of this.

Motorists caught committing the offence can be prosecuted under the 1988 Road Traffic Act for selfish or aggressive behaviour on the road. Those convicted may also see an increase in theircar insurance premiums.

A spokesman for said: "There seems to be a clear split on people's sense of humour and while some people may find this amusing, driving through puddles is not only inconsiderate but can also be dangerous.

"When conditions are bad, it's important that we all act safely."

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