Drivers admit sleeping at wheel

As many as one in eight drivers has admitted falling asleep for between two and 30 seconds while driving, a survey has revealed.

According to a joint research, conducted by road safety charity Brake and weight management programme Cambridge Weight Plan, the drivers who admitted nodding off behind the wheel were initially unaware they had fallen asleep.

Despite feeling drowsy, 29% of the respondents were reported to have continued with their journey.

Out of 1,000 drivers questioned, 25% admitted they had embarked on a journey when they were already feeling sleepy.

Safety advice for drivers to stop their vehicles at a safe place for a short nap when feeling tired or sleepy is not followed by 86% of the respondents.

The survey results, presented at a parliamentary reception attended by MPs, road safety experts and civil servants, also reported that 13% of the people suffered from apnoea, a health condition that can cause sleepiness during the day, and in extreme cases can cause the sufferer to fall asleep without warning.

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