Driver watches car roll down hill

A Devon motorist was forced to watch his new vehicle roll 250ft down a hill after he forgot to apply the handbrake at rural beauty spot.

Witness Nicholas Clegg said the 4x4 managed to stay upright as it rolled down the steep hill near Holne on Dartmoor.

Mr Clegg said the silver vehicle seemed relatively undamaged after coming to a halt at the bottom of the hill on Sunday.

The 52-year-old, who was on a day trip with his son, said: "The driver was devastated because it is a new car and although there was no superficial damage I dread to think what it's like underneath.

"I can't believe it managed to stay on all four wheels.

"I didn't stay to see them free the car but they would have had one heck of a job towing it out. The only way was to winch it all the way back up."

Mr Clegg said rescuers were attempting to prevent the vehicle sinking into a moorland bog.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the car was eventually recovered.

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