Driver training saves firms fuel

Lower maintenance costs, less vehicle downtime and reduced carbon emissions were among the major benefits experienced by a food service firm as part of a driver training programme, Fleet News reports.

Firm 3663 launched additional training for drivers across its logistics fleet of around 340 vehicles after using telematics to identify those who needed extra help. An initial 5% fuel-saving target was achieved as a result, while a number of driving issues were highlighted that were then addressed.

Meanwhile, a range of safe driving and fuel efficiency measures have saved Hermes about £1 million over a 12-month period after it was introduced in its car, van and HGV fleet. The Hermes Driving School was set up to make sure that 643 agency and company drivers were up to safe driving standards.

The company said that fuel consumption was down by 4.5% as a result of the initiative while there was a 109% improvement in accident-free days per vehicle from 216 to 434 days, resulting in significant reductions in vehicle downtime and the cost of vehicle replacement.

Accident rates at the firm fell from 1.44 to 0.75 per vehicle as a result of the drive while the number of recorded accidents fell from 620 to 361 across the commercial vehicle fleet. Hermes also experienced a 33.5% (£240,000) drop in the cost of incidents.

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