Driver stopped for mounting laptop

A Hungarian lorry driver has been stopped and told to get off the road after police found a laptop and DVD player mounted to the dashboard of his vehicle.

The lorry was also found to have an under-inflated tyre, according to the Central Scotland Police.

The driver, who was heading towards Dover from Aberdeen, was discovered by some police officers at a traffic checkpoint in Stirling.

They spotted the lorry while checking vehicles at the Craigforth weighbridge. The driver was then stopped and ordered to get off the road at once. Soon after the vehicle was set right, the man was free to go on his way.

Central Scotland Police were completely stunned, saying that it was "incredible" that an experienced driver would put his life at risk by blocking his view of the road.

Chief Inspector Donald McMillan, head of the road policing unit, said: "It is incredible to think that any professional driver would put things in place which would obscure his vision.

"Driving is their livelihood and they should know better than to put themselves - and other road users - at risk.

"It is not acceptable that a professional driver would behave in such a manner."

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