Driver 'reclaims' car off tow truck

Driver 'reclaims' car off tow truck

A council leader has condemned the actions of a motorist who drove his car off the back of a tow truck before parking enforcement officers could take it away.

Video footage of the man reversing what is thought to be a Vauxhall Vectra off the truck and about three feet onto the road before driving off is all over social media.

He was accused of illegal parking on Hazelwood Road in Walthamstow, East London.

Staff from Waltham Forest Council parking contractors NSL were in the process of towing the vehicle away at around 8am on August 29, when he leapt up onto the back of the truck, got in his car and reversed it off.

His actions were met with cheers from watching members of the public, but the deputy leader of the council, Clyde Loakes, said it was a highly dangerous thing to do as someone could have been killed.

He said there were several people around including children who could have been hurt.

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