Driver petitions to 'find Lee'

Driver petitions to 'find Lee'

Facebook and Twitter users are being urged to help a grateful motorist "find Lee" in the hope he can help police bring to justice the driver of a lorry that damaged her car.

Good Samaritan Lee left a note on the windscreen of Natalie-Jane Davey's white Mini, which was parked on Shaftesbury Road in Richmond, London, after spotting what is thought to have been a DAF scaffolding truck scraping the side of it before driving off on the afternoon of March 14.

His neatly written note read: "'Hello, A scaffolding truck has just scraped your car right along the petrol cap. They didn't come back so I got the reg for you. Get the cheeky *******! Lee."

Police have told Ms Davey that they can only prosecute the lorry driver if Lee can be traced to give a formal witness statement.

In an attempt to find Lee, who is thought to drive a black Audi, she has posted a picture of his note on Facebook. It has been shared more than 45,000 times with the campaign now also moving on to Twitter.

Ms Davey said: "I really want to find him to thank him and buy him a beer."

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