Driver mounts speed camera battle

A man allegedly caught on camera driving through a red light is mounting a High Court challenge against the use of the devices, claiming they are not properly approved by Parliament.

Robbie the Pict, a community lawyer from the Isle of Skye, says that since July 1992 the Government has not implemented traffic cameras through the correct legal process.

The devices are signed off by the Home Secretary, but the 61-year-old lawyer says that each different model of camera is required by law to be approved by statutory instrument - a technical term he describes as a mini Act of Parliament.

Robbie the Pict was clocked on the M74 near Annan in Dumfriesshire by a laser device. It was alleged that he was driving at 85mph. A full hearing into the case was expected to go ahead at the Scottish Court of Appeal in Edinburgh, but it was adjourned for five weeks over "legal issues".

However, he is also taking a second challenge to the High Court in London over a separate incident in which he was allegedly caught by a red light camera in Nottingham. Permission has been granted for the case to be heard, although a date has yet to be set for the first hearing.

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