Driver lands parking ticket after council painted bus stop round his car

Driver lands parking ticket after council painted bus stop round his car
A council that issued a driver with a £55 fine after reportedly painting part of a bus stop round his car has been forced to repeal the penalty.

Bexley Council said it handed out the ticket when traffic officers found the vehicle parked over the road markings.

But Alan Sinclair and Andrew Chalmers, both mechanics, claim the bus stop was not there when they left their car on the street in South London.

When they returned to collect the vehicle on June 24, only the word “stop” had been painted on to the road.

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The pair, who said this was the first time they had received a parking ticket, have been forced to laugh off the incident.

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They said they found it “unbelievable” at first, but added that they went on to see the funny side.

But the pair raise concerns that the bus stop will reduce the availability of parking spaces in the area, where drivers are forced to leave their vehicles on the street due to the poor state of nearby garages.

Mr Sinclair told the Daily Mail: “Parking is at a premium at the moment. You’re looking at about 20 spaces taken away (by) the bus stops.”

He went on to successfully appeal against the fine, which could have risen to £110 if it was not paid within 14 days.

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The mechanic, who owns a garage in Welling, South East London, said that road markings had now been completed, with the word “bus” added on.

Bexley Council said it carried out an investigation after receiving complaints from a resident about a car blocking a bus stop, which was allegedly 90% complete.

The council waited 24 hours before issuing the ticket as the bus stop was said to have been only recently painted on to the road.

It cancelled the ticket after receiving Mr Sinclair’s complaint through its online appeals portal.

Parking was also seen as a contentious issue by motorists in recent research carried out by the RAC.

In a poll aimed at finding the most disliked parking fees, nearly two-thirds of drivers, or 64%, said that hospital parking charges were the most unwelcome.

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