Driver caught with car bonnet open

A motorist has been caught driving with the bonnet of her car fully open - covering the windscreen.

Police were carrying out road safety checks in Weymouth, Dorset, when they saw the 53-year-old woman driving with only a narrow gap to see where she was going. She was apparently heading to a mechanics to get her faulty bonnet fixed.

Dorset Police were taking part in a No Excuse campaign, aimed at trying to reduce the number of people being killed on roads and educating bad drivers.

Officers said they logged 30 offences: a driver was seen steering his vehicle with his elbows while rolling up a cigarette, one was caught reading from a clipboard and six motorists were caught speaking on a phone while driving.

Other motorists were stopped for driving too fast or without seatbelts and one was pulled over for not stopping for a pedestrian at a crossing.

The No Excuse campaign includes Dorset Police, the Fire Service, ambulance crews and local councils.

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