Driver caught reading at wheel

Driver caught reading at wheel

A motorist was photographed reading a book while driving at 70 miles per hour on a busy motorway.

Chris Ashton and his wife Stacey were horrified to see a man holding a book in front of the steering wheel as he drove at speed on the M6 in Cheshire.

Mrs Ashton took a picture on her phone but even when the driver realised his picture had been taken he continued to plough on with his book.

Mr Ashton and his wife were on their way to from their home inManchester to Glasgow when they spotted the man, who was driving a Volkswagen Tiguan in the middle lane of the motorway.

Mr Ashton said the book appeared to be a car instruction manual.

He said: "This man did not even see us approaching from behind as we overtook him at 70mph, and when we got passed my wife saw him through the rear view mirror continuing to read.

"He is an accident waiting to happen I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I've seen lots of people breaking the law on their mobile phones and I've seen many accidents in my time as a motorist but surely this takes the biscuit.

"He didn't even notice me taking his picture and only looked across when we got alongside."

Mr Ashton has now passed the picture, along with the car registration, to Cheshire police.

"I hope the Police catch him and throw the book at him," he said.

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