Driver caught 35 times in bus lane

An unnamed motorist has racked up fines of over £2,000 after being caught on camera 35 times using a temporary bus lane in Bournemouth

The driver is just one of hundreds caught using King's Park as a through route while work to replace the nearby Ashley Road bridge is carried out. The park route is for buses and pedal cycles only until the bridge work finishes at the end of next week.

Up to now, the borough council has issued 3,557 £60 penalty charge notices (PCNs) - which are worth a potential £213,420, although if paid immediately the fine is halved.

But drivers have complained the route is not clearly signposted and that it is a money-making scam.

Tony Williams, executive director for environment and economy at the council, said: "The route through the park is strictly a bus and cycle route only. It is with regret that motorists are regularly choosing to ignore the clear signage and restrictions at King's Park and are therefore continuing to receive penalty charge notices (PCNs).

"In the worst case 35 tickets have been issued for one vehicle, despite every effort in warning and advising the motorist on a number of occasions. We certainly do not wish to issue PCNs to drivers and would much rather they follow the clearly signposted diversionary routes. We have ensured that clear signage has been placed during the diversion, in compliance with the Highway Code.

"I would strongly urge drivers not to take the risk of driving through the bus and cycle only route through King's Park."

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