Driver bemoans town traffic lights

The "farcical" state of the traffic light system in Gloucestershire has come under repeated attack from one frustrated resident.

Luke Briner, 33, uses his internet blog - Traffic Lights That Suck - to set out his objections to the system in Cheltenham and other nearby towns.

Mr Briner has come to the end of his tether with what he calls the 'poorly phased' traffic light systems in the town. And the main focus of his anger seems to fall on a 2.5 mile strip of Cheltenham's inner ring road which contains no fewer than 21 sets of lights.

On his blog, the software engineer raged: "I for one have had enough of traffic lights within 20 metres of other traffic lights, traffic lights with unfeasibly short green light times, traffic lights blocking a movement for no reason and one of my particular hates, traffic lights on roundabouts. Enough is enough, it is time to fight back."

The embittered motorist has so far posted 23 separate rants on his website since it was launched in early April.

Describing Cheltenham's inner ring road, he wrote: "A total distance of? About 2.5 miles. Yes, 21 sets of lights in 2.5 miles, that is one set for every tenth of a mile. Every time I think it is farcical, they put another set up for a laugh."

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