Driver banned over kids in the boot

A motorist faces a hefty fine and a year's driving ban after he was caught carrying ten passengers in his car, including four children in the boot.

Leicestershire magistrates heard how Zoltan Lakatos crammed 10 people in his Audi A4, before he was stopped by police in the city centre in June 2011. The passengers included four children in the boot, five more people on the backseat and one front-seat passenger.

Lakatos was convicted of using a motor vehicle to carry passengers in such a way as to create a danger of injury to them and of driving without insurance.

The 38-year old Leicestershire man was fined £1,325 and banned from using a motor vehicle for a year.

Carrying such a large number of passengers is unsafe for not just the passengers but also other road users. Although this driver is now off the roads it still pays to be protected withcar insurance so if any unforeseen incidents occur you won't find yourself out of pocket.

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