Drive to encourage public transport

Car-Free Day in Harrogate on September 24 will see free bus passes and electric bikes handed out in a bid to encourage drivers to leave their cars at home.

The mayor, John Fox, will be parking his civic car in the garage as the council throws its weight behind plans to cut congestion in the town centre at peak time.

He said: "This car-free day will signal a very clear message to those who hold the transport purse strings at central government, that people do want to see investment in other forms of transport.

"The council is doing all it can through the Leeds City Region to make sure that transport investment comes our way."

Councillor Don Mackenzie said: "We all want to encourage residents to choose alternative means of getting to work, to school or into the town centre other than by car. The national news is telling us that traffic congestion is reducing with the increased cost of fuel.

"This car-free day will make people think differently, and we would certainly hope that as they find it isn't perhaps so difficult to use alternative modes of transport, even just one day a week, it will make a lasting impact."

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