Drive smarter for the Climate Week

Drive smarter for the Climate Week

Travel is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy use. From using public transport more to simply improving the way you drive there are lots of ways to cut your carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) and drive down your fuel costs, too.

Did you know that by making some simple changes to the way you drive, you could reduce the fuel you use and also save money? This is called smarter driving and involves using your gears, acceleration and powers of anticipation to adopt a more fuel-efficient driving style.

So why not give smarter driving a go during Climate Week (21-27 March 2011) and see if you can see the difference?

Behind the wheel

1. Drive off from cold - the engine warms up quicker using less fuel.
2. Check your revs - use the highest appropriate gear to reduce fuel consumption.
3. Drive smoothly.
4. Step off the accelerator - light throttle in a higher gear reduces fuel usage.
5. Slow down.
6. Look ahead - look further ahead and use your gears more to slow down.

Stuck in traffic

7. Switch it off - turn off the engine if you're going to be stationary for more than a minute or two.

Smarter preparation

8. Plan ahead - plan your journey to avoid congested areas (sometimes a longer distance is more efficient), check for traffic news along your route.
9. Reduce drag - remove uneccassary items from the vehicle to reduce weight.
10. Check tyre pressures - less rolling resistance on a correctly inflated tyre reduces fuel consumption.

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