Drink-driving death numbers fall

Deaths and injuries in Britain caused by drink-driving saw a record low in 2009, a report has shown.

The survey, conducted by the Department of Transport has revealed that the number of people killed due to drinking and driving dropped to 380, the first time that the figure went below 400 last year.

According to the report, drinking-related accidents had also fallen progressively since the 1970s, with more than a 25% decrease in deaths since 1979, when 1,640 people had been killed on the roads.

Figures of total deaths and injuries caused by drink-driving stood at 11,990 in 2009, having dropped 7.7% from 12,990 in 2008.

Last year, 2,222 people died on the roads, making it the first time that the figure fell so low. This was a 12% decrease from the numbers in 2008.

Total drink-driving accidents fell 6.6% from 8,620 in 2008 to 8,050 last year.

According to RAC motoring strategist Adrian Tink, the number of falling accidents and deaths as a result of drinking and driving was "encouraging".

However, he urged drivers to be wary, saying: "This is no time to be complacent - drink-driving ruins lives and more can still be done."

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