Drink-driving campaign launched

Drink-driving campaign launched

Northern Ireland's new environment minister, Edwin Poots, has warned drivers that drinking a single pint could be the most costly decision of their lives.

Mr Poots unveiled a summer road safety campaign with the message that just one drink was one too much, reinforcing the Never Ever Drink and Drive message for motorists.

He explained: "Drivers who consume a pint or any other alcoholic drink should realise it could be the most expensive one they ever had, ultimately costing them or other road users their lives."

There were 18 deaths and 121 serious injuries caused by drink- or drug-related driving in 2008 - representing about 17% of all road deaths and over 12% of serious injuries.

Impairment of driving starts considerably below the current drink-driving limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, according to the Department of Environment (DoE).

There are plans to for Northern Ireland to become the first part of the UK to reduce the drink-driving limit.

In April the DoE launched a consultation over reducing the limit to 50 milligrams and introducing an even lower limit of 20 milligrams for novice and professional drivers.

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