Drink drivers face vehicles seizure

Police are seizing cars from drink drivers as part of an annual road safety campaign in Scotland.

Through the campaign, Scottish forces issued warnings to repeat offenders saying that drivers who are over the limit may lose their licence - with an automatic 12-month ban imposed.

Those with a previous conviction for drink-driving may have their vehicle taken away for good. Prosecutors will urge courts to order the seizure of vehicles in such cases.

Around one in nine deaths on Scotland's roads involves drivers who are over the drink-driving limit.

Chief Constable Smith, the road policing spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Constables in Scotland, said officers arrested thousands of drink drivers throughout the year.

He explained: "Despite our warnings that we will target such individuals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, they still risk wrecking not only the lives of others but also their own and those of their families, due to the severe consequences of being caught.

"This year there will be an added risk in that motorists caught drink-driving now risk losing their car as well. Anything that can result in fewer drivers risking drink-driving must be considered."

The annual crackdown was launched at the Scottish Parliament by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and Scotland's top law officer Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, together with Central Scotland Police Chief Constable Kevin Smith.

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