Drink drive rehab scheme overhauled

Drink drivers would be made to pay for their rehabilitation, and lessons to educate offenders would be improved, under new proposals.

Plans to modernise the Drink-Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) include making the financing of the scheme more equitable.

Instead of general taxpayers footing the bill, the consultation proposes that offenders bear the burden through the fees they pay to cover the cost of their training.

The Driving Standards Agency, which announced the proposals, hopes this will bring home to offenders the consequences of their actions.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning said: "Most drivers are safe and responsible but there is a reckless minority who put lives in danger by drink driving and those drivers need to be tackled effectively."

Drink drivers hike up the price of car insurance for motorists, making it in everyone's interests to tackle the problem.

Other proposals include raising both the standard of courses offered to drink-driving offenders, and the way they are approved.

Offenders in areas with high levels of drink-driving would be given better access to the courses by involving more training providers.

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